What is Age Discrimination and What Can You Do About It?

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(Last Updated On: April 21, 2021)

Age discrimination is the act of alienating a person based on their age. In today’s age, this unfortunately happens in the workplace whether as a job applicant or employee. The people who are most commonly affected by it are those who are aged 40 or older.

Whether it comes through unnecessary, condescending remarks, unequal job benefits and promotions, or forced retirements, older folks in the workplace do not deserve this treatment. In fact, there are state and federal laws, such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, set to protect workers from any form of age discrimination. It is then imperative for companies to follow and secure their internal policies to combat this issue.

Businesses and its employees should all be oriented on everyone’s right to equal opportunities. Furthermore, it is also advisable to know what measures to take in case you or anyone you know experiences such form of discrimination. One could collect proof of the discrimination occurring, and report such matters to HR and the respective government agencies. In the case that things worsen, one can also consider hiring an employment lawyer to help you pursue the necessary legal actions to take. Learn more about this issue in this infographic by Shegerian & Associates.

Infographic Source: https://www.shegerianlaw.com/what-is-age-discrimination-what-can-you-do-about-it/


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