Why spend precious time creating resume?

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(Last Updated On: September 14, 2020)

The problem of too many resumes On an average, there are 1.73 resumes for every individual in job market. Median number of resumes per individual is one. Besides for every job position, an average of 250 resumes are scanned. Not only that, each resume on an average has just a tad fewer than 400 words. This essentially means that there are way too many resumes out there to be scanned for every position and for every recruiter. Besides a huge number of resumes, there are many more words for recruiters to scan through.

Whereas a one pager resume document is acceptable for a fresher or individuals at junior positions, expert recruiters believe seasoned professionals need to have at-least two pages of resume. This makes spending quality time on making your resume a must have for seasoned individuals. Glance through the below infographic and you will realise the importance of putting thorough time in preparing your resume, if you are looking for a job.

Infographic Source: https://programs.catalyyze.com/blog/217791/create-resume


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