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Infographics Free and Paid submission:

Infographics are a popular and effective means of visually presenting information and data. They are widely used in education, marketing, and communication, and can be tailored to specific sectors and audiences. Once an infographic has been produced and is ready to be shared, there are two ways to distribute it: free and paid submission.

The process of sharing infographics for free on social media platforms, websites, and blogs is referred to as free submission. This strategy is appropriate for individuals and small businesses who wish to reach a larger audience without spending money on advertising. Free submission can also result in the construction of backlinks to the infographic, which can help it rank higher in search engines and increase visibility.

Infographic submission for a fee Your submission will be accompanied by a dofollow link, and your infographic will be live within 24 hours.

Infographicsrace is right place to submit your infographics for free and paid.

Infographic Title: Title of the infographic should not be different from your infographic

Description: We required 150-300 words of unique description of your infographic where you can add the targeted keywords and make an unique description by describing about your infographic exactly what is been covered.

Infographic Source page: We required the exact source of the infographic link not the image url.

Category: Give us the exact category of your infographic.

Express Infographic submission







All paid infographics are approved within 12 hours

    One website submisson $25

    Double sites submission $50