11 Swimming Pool Diseases to Steer Clear Of

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Aside from accidents, parents should also be aware of the serious health hazards that come with careless recreational swimming activities. Sometimes, watching kids while they play around pools is not enough to ensure the safety of children. It’s also important to see if the water is clean and safe, as polluted pools can pose health risks, especially to kids who are more prone to diseases.

The diseases you and your kids can acquire from contaminated pools are referred as Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI). RWI are caused by germs present in unmaintained pools, which can cause a variety of infections affecting skin, eyes, ears, gastrointestinal, and even nervous system. Aside from polluted swimming and spa pools, these germs are also found in dirty decorative fountains, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Swallowing, inhaling, and even just touching the contaminated water can get you and your kids RWI.

As long as you are equipped with knowledge about RWI, these diseases should not make you shy away from recreational bathing. It only takes caution and information to prevent them. To present you important facts about RWI and ways to avoid them, here’s a comprehensive infographic brought to you by Australian Spas And Pools, a reputable Melbourne swimming pool builder.Swimming-Pool-Diseases

Infographic Source: http://www.australianspasandpools.com.au/11-recreational-water-diseases-you-should-be-aware-of/


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