A Guide to Waikiki Public Transportation

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For first-time visitors and travelers, getting around the place may be a bit intimidating as they need to rely on public transportation most of the time, as bringing their personal vehicles is next to impossible. For travelers heading to Waikiki in Hawaii, it’s essential that you know how to get around using public transportation in such a way that the travel route is strategic and saves you a lot of time so you can get to your destination faster and earlier – saving you time and energy for more activities in your stop.

Most of the hotels in Waikiki, for starters, are very strategically-placed so there are within walking distance of major tourist spots and necessity stores. This is a good indication that going around the iconic places in Waikiki’s center isn’t going to be difficult as long as you pack some patience and general information on how you can get to different places.

Here’s a handy guide by Go Hawaii Tours on how you can get around Waikiki with public transportation.

Infographic Source: http://gohawaiitours.com/go-hawaii/guide-waikiki-public-transportation-infographic/


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