Top 8 Ways for Making Money on YouTube

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According to the information in the article Infographic – Mind Numbing YouTube Facts,Figures and Statistics 2017 from Wondershare Filmora, the highest-paid YouTuber gets $15 million per year on YouTube. While earning so much money is not realistic for most of us, but we can start making money on YouTube with the listed 8 ways below to get started.

For beginners, the simplest method to earn money you YouTube is to become a YouTuber partner and get earning revenue off the YouTube ads, and you will get paid when people clicks or watch an Ad on your video. Also, if the subscribers exceed 1000, then you can enable the Super Chat. Using the Super Chat, you can get a better connection with your subscribers and fans, at the same time, you can get the revenues.

If you are making tutorials, how-to videos or reviews, you will have chance to make sponsored videos for companies. Some companies may be interested in your audiences, and they may provide a product placement deal in exchange for a shout out.

There are many others ways to make money on YouTube, keep reading and find out more ways about making money on YouTube in the Infographic.


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