12 FAQs About Tenant Referencing Answered!

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Renting out your property is often considered a better financial move than selling. When there’s a tenant that pays you monthly rent, you can be confident that you have an additional income thus reducing the risk of financial crisis. But, it might not just be the right decision you thought it would be when you’ve realized that you are actually renting out your real estate to a not-so-ideal tenant – one who can’t pay the rent on time and instead of seeing a steady cash flow, you end up seeing the bills pile up right before your eyes.

Nevertheless, this typical landlord dilemma shouldn’t keep you from renting out your home as a simple tenant reference check can protect you from experiencing tenancy problems down the line. If you’re not certain how the process can actually help you, Tenant Find, a UK-based letting agent, tries to answer 12 of the most frequently asked questions about tenant referencing to avoid confusion.

Infographic Source: http://www.tenantfind.co.uk/blog/faqs-tenant-referencing-answered


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