12 Surprising Things Your Child Can Learn from Minecraft

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(Last Updated On: January 31, 2017)

CodaKid’s infographic 12 Surprising Things Your Child Can Learn From Minecraft covers some of the least known and most interesting concepts that students can learn from the Minecraft game. Minecraft is the second most popular video game in history and many educators consider it the greatest educational software of our generation. In Minecraft, kids can learn a variety of topics including computer programming, physics, architecture, 3D modeling, and chemistry, and Minecraft’s open architecture allows developers to add new features to the game almost daily. Minecraft’s educational content is gaining recognition among parents, schools, and organizations that use the game during the school day to lead project-based educational activities. In 2016, Minecraft released MinecraftEDU which has created a number of academic activities for classrooms use. In today’s age, when parents and educators are concerned with kids becoming merely consumers of technology, Minecraft helps kids become digital creators.

Infographic Source: https://codakid.com/12-surprising-things-your-child-can-learn-from-minecraft/


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