3 Most Common Freight Forwarding Scams and How to Avoid Them

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The world of import and export trading is indeed complex, and many veterans in this field would agree that there is no universal approach that is tailored to all businesses. In order to be a successful importer or exporter, one must possess in-depth knowledge on how global trade works, and the common mistakes to be avoided as one venture in this industry. That said, despite the presence of fact-checking platforms, a lot of importers and exporters still commit the mistake of not verifying the legitimacy of the freight forwarding companies they hire for their business.

Freight forwarding scams have been on the rise lately, and it would be on your best interest to know these, and ultimately be able to identify one as you search for the right partner for your trading business. To learn more about these most common freight forwarding scams and to ensure you will not fall for them, check out this infographic from Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics.

Infographic Source: https://excelsior.ph/3-common-freight-forwarding-scams-avoid-infographic/


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