39 Christmas Safety Tips for Pet Owners

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Christmas isn’t almost here, and experienced pet owners know that this means a house full of potential pet hazards. The holiday season is such a busy time and Christmas can be a dangerous time for pet owners with dogs and cats, so pet parents need to be especially diligent. Add a lot of holiday visitors, crazy schedules, and dangerous toxins to this mix and you have surely got a recipe for disaster. There are many other Christmas dangers for dogs that are specific to this time of year. Keeping their needs in mind while decorating, planning trips, and educating the people we invite into our home is the least we can do for our furry family members. Follow these dog Christmas safety tips outlined in the infographic and you’ll keep your pets happy and healthy through the New Year!

Infographic Source: https://topdogtips.com/dog-christmas-safety-tips/


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