4 Key Elements of a Business Continuity Plan

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According to the Small Business Association, about 25% of organizations do not reopen after a major catastrophe. What disasters are you prepared to handle? To help you prepare, we discuss the 4 key elements of a business continuity plan.

  • Critical Functions: Determine the most crucial operations of your company and focus on them to ensure survivability in the event of a major disruption or disaster.
  • Testing: Thoroughly test your BCP at least once a year. Testing will provide confidence the plan will work in the time of an emergency and give you the opportunity to make necessary changes.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: Develop a disaster recovery plan that focuses on the backup and recovery of sensitive data. Use it to restore critical IT infrastructure back to normal.

BCP Team: Form a group of individuals dedicated to creating and implementing the BCP. They will be the primary contacts in the case of an emergency.Elements of a Business Continuity Plan


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