60 Wedding Souvenirs Under Php 100 Each

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The most important people in your life made room in their busy schedules to be part of your wedding, so a nice wedding souvenir is something they truly deserve. But with wedding expenses to accommodate them, such as the ceremony venue and reception, your wedding budget will surely be pushed to the limit, and you still have a lot more expenses to take care of besides that.

But just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to scrap the plan of getting them something nice. With 100 pesos budgeted to each guest and a little bit of creativity and budget-saving tricks, you can give your guests wedding favors they would truly appreciate. Whether you choose to go through shops, look for options online, or make something for a personal touch, it is definitely not impossible to give a token on a modest budget. Here are 60 affordable wedding souvenir ideas listed in one infographic.

Infographic Source: http://farmhillsgarden.com/blog/wedding-souvenirs-under-100-each/


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