7 Artsy Hotels Around The World (Infographic)

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Decades ago, hotel evaluation standards were focused on traditional elements such as level of service quality, staff approachability, amenities (both what is present and their conditions), and food. These were what customers generally expected to experience and get for what the paid for when staying at a hotel, and as long as the hotel delivered on these aspects well, they would receive good reviews and ratings.

In recent years, however, a new standard has been added to the overall experience for hotel guests due to a growing trend in the industry: the existence of art pieces in hotels. It has become a marketing strategy of various hotels all over the world to feature art in their establishments, whether it be in the form of extensive and extravagant collections made by well-known artists or centering on a certain artist (i.e. Andy Warhol), to more contemporary and simplistic exhibitions made by local artists or featuring resources native to the area at the time. This has attracted a new breed of tourists and travelers to hotels – specifically, art connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

But Art in hotels do not only benefit the establishment they are featured in. It also helps the local art culture and industry, as many hotels nowadays showcase local talent and center around the culture and identity of its surroundings. This allows the visitors to get a more immersive feel during their stay.

Looking for the best artsy hotels to check out? This infographic by Accent Art and Frame will help you out.

Infographic Source: http://accentartandframe.com/blog/index.php/7-artsy-hotels-around-the-world-infographic