8 Overlooked Work Site Safety Practices

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Having to protect the welfare and safety of employees is one of the main tasks of an employer. This includes enforcing simple regulations like mandating employees to wear the proper equipment and training them to use the machines needed for their work.

These practices should be maintained to new and old employees to keep their safety. To assure that safety standards in the US are being monitored, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) last year alone conducted 32,020 inspections to various companies. There is no data yet on how many fatalities have occurred last year, but in 2017, there had been 5,147 deaths relating to work. Most of these deaths are caused by falls then followed by being stuck on an object, electrocutions, and lastly, being crushed by equipment or falling structure.

In 2018, the same report indicated that fall protection, hazard communication standard, scaffolding, and respiratory protection are the four of the most violated safety standards. If you haven’t noticed, these violations are somehow related to the top causes of deaths. One reason for this might be the overlooking of workplace safety practices. Workplace safety should not be taken for granted. Employers should consistently remind their employees of these practices. To know the eight most overlooked practices in the workplace, here is an infographic from Progressive Safety Equipment.

Infographic Source: https://blog.progressivemy.com/8-overlooked-work-site-safety-practices-infographic/