A Beginner’s 10 Rules of Thumb for Pairing Food and Wine

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(Last Updated On: May 1, 2021)

A great meal, whether at the comfort of your dining table or in a fancy restaurant, elevates your mood immensely and completes your day. But a great meal, paired with the right wine, instantly enhances your dining experience in a way you’ve never enjoyed before. Wine and food pairing creates a striking balance between the dish’s elements and the characteristics of the wine. With the right combination of wine and food, synergy can create a gastronomic effect that can change the way you consume food. Let’s look at how a well-thought-of food and wine combination can upgrade the consumer’s food experience.

1) It gives you a creative space and makes the dining experience more enjoyable: In a way, the wine and food work together in balancing the palates and accommodating the preferences of consumers.

2) It maximizes health benefits: Drinking wine helps in food digestion, prevents food poisoning, and eliminates potentially damaging content in the food.

Likewise, an imperfect wine pairing can instantly mess up the taste of the food. That’s why you must understand the science behind it—the acidity of wines and acidic foods, the flavors, and more, to help you choose the right wine for the right type of food. When choosing a wine to pair with your food, remember to select the wine that would best compliment the dish and not dominate it.

To help you get started with the beautiful art of food and wine combinations, check out the helpful infographic below.

Infographic Source: https://www.txanton.com.ph/post/wine-and-food-pairing-for-beginners

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