Archiving WhatsApp Messages for Trial and Legal Matters

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(Last Updated On: March 11, 2019)

Mobile messaging is a fact of life in most businesses across the industry spectrum nowadays. Considering the fact that most employees own a smartphone and have more than just one chat app installed on their device, it cannot be argued why companies shouldn’t leverage these platforms to improve their employee productivity and enhance their workplace communication.

One of the most popular mobile messaging tool being used by employees is WhatsApp. With more than one billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has established itself as the leading mobile chat app in the market. Not only this platform is intuitive and fast; it also allows users to take advantage of end-to-end encryption to send confidential information.

However, because of this security feature, archiving messages created or received on WhatsApp has become a problem, especially for those that should archive business communication for eDiscovery purposes. Learn more about the importance of archiving WhatsApp messages for trial and legal matters by checking out the full infographic below from TeleMessage.

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