Are You a Leader or a Manager?

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Most people have the hard time to define the difference between a leader and a manager since both of their prominent traits are somewhat the same. Regarding the level of command of both manager and leader, one might look into the significance on how they mandate employees, although it can be quite confusing, what many people don’t know is that being a manager does not automatically make someone a leader.

The difference between a manager and a leader varies from the objectives and goals set by the company. Concerning vision and objectives, leaders seek mostly the futuristic vision that they can apply to the company. While managers ideally focus on the targets which are an organic outcome of business plans.

Another prominent difference is with what type of employee a leader and a manager have on his team. Leaders have employees who follow them willingly, while managers have subordinates who are mandated on the things they should do. To discuss more of the difference between a leader and a manager, check the infographic below created by Healthy Business Builder.

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