Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

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Cryotherapy is a form of medical therapy that involves exposing the body to low temperatures for a short time. It can be either whole body cryotherapy (WBC) or localized cryotherapy to some body parts. In localized cryotherapy, icepacks and ice baths are placed over the body part of interest to absorb heat through conduction and alleviate muscle soreness, pain and inflammation. On the other hand, in whole-body cryotherapy, a special cryochamber is used where temperatures are kept as low as -211˚F, using refrigerated cold air and liquid Nitrogen. In the cryochamber, Individuals are exposed to subzero temperatures for 40 seconds at – 121˚F after which the temperature is further lowered to -211˚F for 2 – 3 minutes. Only minimal clothing to prevent vulnerable areas from frostbite is worn. Most of the skin is left exposed so than its surface temperature can be lowered by about 30-50˚F.

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