Billion Dollar Companies that Started in Garage

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Apple was launched in a garage? Wow! Haven’t heard about that? And it’s not only about Apple. Disney, Amazon, and even Google started there! To be sure that it’s true, look at the info-graphic below. It represents their growth from a garage to the amazing results in brilliant offices. They did grab our attention with their outstanding results! Now, every company with self-respect strives to reach their height.

Social media and digital technologies helped them for sure, so that they have become famous and rich. Books, TV, Internet – everything is about them: how they succeed, how they fail, how they get money. They may have started in a tiny office. But fortunately or not, they were placed in tiny garages without proper accommodation and conveniences. Amazon in a garage? That’s something, isn’t it?
When you want your business to be powerful and prosperous, you should mind that to achieve that all, you need to make a huge contribution of health and mind. First, you should have a spectacular idea that will be performed on the business stage. Then you need to develop your connections with other businesses to maintain good relations. Just do it and rock!

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