Common Areas for Dog Bites Injuries and Tips to Prevent a Bite

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We all know just how adorable dogs can be. Aside from being sweet and lovable at times, our canines also provide us with a sense of assurance that our home is safe from any unwelcome visitors during our absence. No wonder dogs have been long time hailed as the man’s best friend. A notable member of the family. However, we must never forget that they can be quite dangerous at times, especially those that freely roam the streets. Dogs actually descended from an old line of wolves long ago, and this resulted in inheriting some traits similar to undomesticated wild animals. One of these traits is no other than aggression.

If a dog feels threatened in his own territory, there is a good chance that it will react accordingly based on its natural response which is to attack. Thousands of people get hospitalized each day due to dog bite injuries, and it is highly vital for anyone to be aware of how to avoid getting bitten by stray dogs and risk being infected by rabies. If you wanted to know more about the most common areas in the body where you’ll most likely inflict a dog bite as well as how to prevent it from happening to you or anyone close to you, check out this infographic below by Harry Brown Law:

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