The Evolution of Marketing Automation

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(Last Updated On: April 6, 2016)

Ever thought of having a tool for sales, marketing, support, on-boarding and much more at a shoe-string budget? An elixir that helps you with all your marketing issues and lets you sail through the troubled waters of competition with ease. That’s not all. It also helps you get higher ROI at less cost and time. Wait, let me add one more quality of it being ubiquitous – it’s present in email, web, mobile, telephony, social etc. So much of help packed into one. That’s what the world calls as Marketing Automation. An exciting, simplified, cost-effective automation comes in the form of Agile CRM. We present the next-gen robot that makes you a lead gen rock star with your business brimming with prospective leads.

The evolution of marketing automation has opened many avenues to embrace easy-to-use MA tools. A cumbersome process like lead gathering and nurturing has become simple by entering the data in the automation software. Companies have seen a four-fold growth in qualified leads that make close to 50% of the purchases. All thanks to MA tools like Agile CRM, which comes at the right juncture to help businesses sell and market like Fortune 500. The infographic starts with a robot in its rudimentary shape, and it eventually evolves into next-gen, fully-grown, sophisticated Agile CRM.Evolution of Marketing Automation

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