Gardening Automation & How it Can Improve Your Green Thumb

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A great way to express yourself can be through growing your own herbs and produce. In order to make it easier on you, an automated garden is an option. The automated gardening system refers to a garden in which aspects including the watering, temperature, and light are all automated. This system can be either simple by using a drip irrigation system or complex with lighting, humidity, and nutrient control. The 7 most common automated garden functions are humidity, temperature, nutrient levels, soil pH, CO2 content, watering, and light level. In order to properly automate your garden, you’ll need the right hardware and software.

A few of the entry-level hardware for gardening automation is having fertilizer injected into water steam and sensors that measure the plants’ vitals. The software includes creating different “bots” to automate aspects of your garden like a self-watering smart garden. By automating your garden it takes the guesswork out of caring for your garden or having to deal with gardening tasks but it’s essential to remember that the more automated it becomes the higher the cost.

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