History of Activity Trackers (From Pedometers to Fitbit)-Infographic

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The history of devices tracking an individual’s walking distance and the number of steps they made in the 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci sought to track the distance a Roman soldier walked. Leonardo Da Vinci drew up plans for a device to do its intended purpose.

After the initial information of da Vinci drawing up plans, the history of pedometers became muddled. Abraham-Louis Perrelet, a Swiss horologist and inventor, was credited with creating the first pedometer in 1770. Still, it was also suggested that Thomas Jefferson, a Founding Father of America, was the first to produce a mechanical pedometer in 1777. A website even cited other people who invented the pedometer, making it less clear to know which one was the actual inventor.

Pedometer technology progressed from other technological developments that were eventually implemented on fitness trackers as they evolved over the years.

Infographic Source: https://irwinsmegastore.ie/blogs/news/history-of-activity-trackers-from-pedometers-to-fitbit-infographic


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