How Much Does Corporate Housing Cost?

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(Last Updated On: October 6, 2018)

Corporate housing is the ideal solution for people traveling to different places for work, for longer periods of time. It is significantly cheaper than staying at lodges or hotels and the bill is often paid by one’s company or insurance. It is on the very rare occasion that an employee is expected to pay for his/her accommodation whilst staying at a corporate housing because of work. This can be a good option for people needing to relocate, before buying a home in a particular area. They may use this service to try out the neighborhood first.


According to owners of corporate housing, this accommodation can cost up to 50% less than a regular hotel. Many of you may have already came across this type of accommodation on sites like Outpost Club.

What is the cost?

The Corporate Housing Providers Association estimated that the average rate for corporate housing is $150 per day. However, corporate housing is not priced by the day, but rather on a weekly or monthly basis as it is intended for long-term use.

There is indeed a vast array of corporate housing available to suit every pocket. One can expect to pay between $70 to $200 a night. The price depends on the size of the accommodation room, the location and the features. New York and San Francisco are considered upper end accommodation options whilst Salt Lake City is considered lower end.

What about size?

Corporate housing size can range from bachelor size apartments to three-bedroom apartments. Some of these homes look like basic hotels whilst others look like luxurious private homes. These homes are always fully furnished and serviced, as well as usage for all utilities are included in the rate. Most places offer the employee free parking, laundry services and fitness centres.

Comparing Corporate Housing Spaces

One of the better sites to visit is Outpost club as they showcase various accommodations types and prices to choose from. Below is a list of three options, to compare prices:

  • New York – In the Big Apple the price for a higher end hotel accommodation can range from $254 per night but corporate housing accommodation costs $165 for the same size room/house.
  • San Francisco – The average hotel cost $221 a night, with corporate housing the rate will would be $172 per night.
  • Chicago – The average for a night in a hotel is $172 but corporate housing costs $133 per night.

When you stay in a corporate housing you save an estimated 23-35%, depending on the type of accommodation you choose. You can visit the Outpost club website for a variety of options regarding prices and preferences.


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