How to Score 330+ on the GRE® Test

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The GRE is a timed exam that 3 hrs 45 min. It measures a person’s ability to think critically, solve problems, analyze and evaluate written content. Some graduate programs require you to take it. When preparing for the exam, it’s not the number of tests you take, that count. Instead, how you use the results is what is most important. The results should help you identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Get yourself a suitable study guide and evaluate the results from the practice tests.

For the verbal section, finding a study buddy could prove useful. On the exam day, you need to be confident in yourself. Allocate ample time to tackle each question. Preferably 2 minutes per item. Try to answer each problem. Only use the calculator where necessary. When you can’t find a solution to a problem, start a guessing strategy or provide an alternative approach.

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