How to use photos to showcase the differences of PMU and Microblading Infographic

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(Last Updated On: June 16, 2022)

Two of the most requested beauty treatments globally with growing popularity each day are Permanent Make-Up (PMU) and Microblading. Many customers who have tried these services can attest to how excellent and confidence-boosting the results are. Strong and well-defined eyebrows have been famous since the 1980s, and they continue to be the most sought-after brow line. Some are confused as many videos and articles suggest that permanent make-up and microblading are the same when the truth is they are two different procedures that yield impressive results. The misconception this creates can make some clients hesitant. That is why it is crucial to clear up the myths by presenting facts and answering questions related to the procedures. Adding photos to your website and social media account is one of the best ways to showcase the difference. Potential customers can see and distinguish the differences at a glance. Make sure to showcase the option, describe the different procedures, highlight the healing and aesthetics of PMU, and the versatility of both methods. This takes time and effort, but it will be all worth it in the end, making it easier for potential clients to stop looking and book your schedule for an appointment. Grow your business and expand your client base with the help of Highstoke Academy.

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