Look At Pooching Around’s Brand New Infographic

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The popular and useful resource for dog owners, Pooching Around, has recently released a very timely and helpful infographic about what you should have stored away in case of an emergency situation.

As you can see below, the infographic outlines the important items to pack in what they refer to as a ‘Pet Survival Kit’. Important items including enough food and drink for a few days, spare collar and leash, dog’s favorite blanket and toy and your dog’s medical records and details of any prescriptions and medications given to them.

It is clearly laid out and something we think everyone should print out, so they have a copy at home and can better prepare themselves for worst case scenario-emergency situations. You don’t know for certain when you might have to flee your home or find yourself without a gas supply or electricity. Which is why it is so vital then, that you plan as much as possible for these occurrences.

Infographic Source: https://www.poochingaround.co.uk/helpful-infographic-emergency-survival-kits-dogs/


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