Project Management Annual Salaries for 2019

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(Last Updated On: July 18, 2019)

The position of project manager can be difficult and complex, that’s why this type of job role is payed handsomely. The role of a project manager is unique and few factors such as attention to details, planning and ability to be decisive are a must to rise in this job niche.

Similar to other professions, based on where someone lives, years of job experience and job title will play a major factor in the earning potential in a project manager’s career. With information from credible sources such as CIO and PMI we managed to create an in-depth infographic containing the average salaries across the Project Management profession in 2019, based on crucial factors such as: title, industry, years of experience, country etc.
Project management positions such as: Project Management Specialist, Project Manager, Project Management Consultant, Program Manager, Portfolio Manager and Director of PMO were included in our research.

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