The 5 Secrets of Top-Class Warehouse Design

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When designing and creating the perfect warehouse layout design, it is important to do careful research and planning, as well as extensive consideration of many factors that will play into the overall structure of the warehouse. A poorly-designed storage or distribution facility may actually cost your business more money eventually.

For example, a storage facility where it is hard to access some areas where some key materials are placed due to poor planning and filing systems may require you to constantly use a forklift or other similar technology to get things out of the way, get what you need, put the other items back, and then do it all over again to return the items back to their previous position. This not only weighs down on productivity, but also causes you to do more than what you could do when your warehouse’s layout is optimized for accessibility.
In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, it’s important that warehouses provide flexibility, accessibility, and efficient functionality. In this infographic by Alba Logistics, learn about the five factors that you should consider when designing or laying out an efficient warehouse facility.

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