The Impact of Modern Technology For Motorcycle Safety

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Technology has been a life-saver among the automobile industry and motorcycles are no exception. In fact, motorcyclist fatalities in the United States were estimated to have dropped by 5.6 percent back in 2017, as reported by the GHSA. For motorcycle enthusiasts, the thrill of the ride is an opportunity to enjoy the open road. This joy-ride does elude to caution; however, thanks to advances in technology, the ride can be a lot safer. Advances in gear, equipment, electronic devices, and helmets work together to prevent accidents and injuries. A few recent technology items to note: Air bag clothing that deploys when sensors are triggered.

It’s also responsible for features such as anti-lock braking systems. Adaptive headlights are now helping motorcyclists steer in the dark with ease. Electric tire pressure monitors assist in keeping tire pressures from falling too low. Auto clutch and shift offers automatic transmissions to make the ride safer and easier. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is helping to reduce the number of auto collisions. Helmet manufactures are using technology to make the gear more effective to keep motorcyclists safe while remaining comfortable.

Electronic throttle control (ETC) offers riders a smoother change in speed. Satellite messengers act as a saving grace in the event the motorcycle is ever stolen or if the motorcyclists is broken down without cell service. With this technology they can rely on satellite signals for roadside assistance. As the motorcycle industry continues to evolve, it’s safe to say that we can rely on technology to carry us through safely. For more information on motorcycle safety,

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