The Leading Causes of Car Accidents

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(Last Updated On: October 13, 2020)

In Canada, the most catastrophic car accidents are the ones involving multiple cars. The accidents have disastrous consequences and can affect anyone involved in it- from a cautious driver to a pedestrian. Let us understand the primary causes of accidents.

Reckless driving

Some drivers tend to get reckless when they get behind the wheel. They might start driving a little carelessly to get a quick adrenaline rush. Reckless driving includes:

· Ignoring traffic signals

· Tailgating

· Changing lanes too fast

Running Red Lights

Serious vehicle accidents frequently occur when traffic signals are unheeded. Thousands of traffic accidents involving car collisions, rollovers, and, car crashes happen each year because of drivers ignoring the stop sign.

Distracted Driving

While driving, the driver may indulge in other activities that may deviate their concentration. As a result, the car may crash into another. The common distractions are:

· Talking on the phone while driving

· Daydreaming & Eating

· Texting while driving


Driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs or both is one of the leading causes of deadly accidents. Drivers under the influence are not in control of their motor skills. They have low concentration levels and poop hand-eye coordination.

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