The Push Notification Benchmark – 2016 Edition

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(Last Updated On: June 29, 2016)

This exclusive study by Accengage, the European leader for Push Notifications on Mobile Apps, Websites and Facebook Messenger, lays out a comprehensive benchmark that allows Marketers to evaluate the performance of their Push Notification campaigns in terms of opt-in & reaction rates by industry and country.

The 38 billion notifications analyzed show that 41% of users accepted to receive Push Notifications on iOS and 100% on Android, as all users are automatically opted-in on the Google operating system when they download an app.

Looking at the geographical study, we immediately notice that some markets are more mature than others. For example, Europe is way ahead in terms of reaction rates with 16.5% on Android and 5.25% on iOS. As opposed, Asia is last with 9% on Android and 3.2% on iOS.
Accengage also highlights some insightful tips that will help app owners to get better opt-in and reaction rates by using a few simple yet effective best practices.Benchmark for Mobile AppsInfographic Source:


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