The Ultimate Step-by-Step-Guide For Ranking In Google Images

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Any business with an online presence understands the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). But for SEO to be highly effective, it requires a multifaceted strategy. Often this means content and inbound marketing, keyword research, and link building. But for a well-rounded organic search strategy, image SEO should also be prioritized. An element of on-page SEO, image SEO refers to the optimization of images on a webpage.

Google Images is the second largest search engine in the world. Image optimization allows businesses to increase the visibility of their website on the world’s largest database of images. Without image SEO, your high-quality visuals may not rank high in image search results, limiting the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Other benefits of image SEO include improving site load times, increasing content virality, and more positive user experience. Over 35% of consumers have already conducted a visual search.

And this trend is growing year by year. Gain the right tools and strategies for achieving good ranking for your visuals with this comprehensive image SEO guide, featuring 19 actionable tips and strategies to help you dominate the web’s number two search engine.

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