Top Health Benefits of Go Karting

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“Go karting is a fast paced and adrenaline packed activity. It causes the fight-or-flight reaction to kick in, which means that oxygenated blood rushes around the body. Adrenaline is naturally used during potentially threatening situations, and the flow of blood to organs and to the extremities is a bodily response that is meant to better physically prepare us to be able to defend ourselves or make a getaway. There are other benefits to the increased flow of adrenaline too, but this isn’t the only health benefit of go karting.

Competitive racing of any sort, including go karting, requires that you pay very close attention to the track, to your own kart, and to the other karters around you, especially if you are trying to record a flying lap time. Adrenaline helps to sharpen your senses, but the more alert you become the more your body will respond. This alertness may subside after your first time on the track, but the more often you get behind the wheel, the more likely that your base alertness levels will increase. Even days after you have finished racing, you will be more alert, and this can benefit many aspects of your life.

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