Why Winter is the Right Time to Start Building Your Deck

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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2022)

While there is some truth as to why summer or spring is the best time to build a deck, there is also some myth about why winter is the worst time to consider it. When we uncover these myths, we will realize that winter is actually the best season to build a deck. There are several reasons you should keep in mind and get to know better to make you realize this. Getting the best contractor during the peak season, which is summer and spring, is challenging. But when you decide to do it in the winter, you have many choices since skilled contractors and the best companies are available during this time. Planting and landscaping are also part of building a deck; you should think about when is the best time to plant. Also, think about the ground condition that can best support a deck foundation. There are also delays that you should include in your timeline. You have the snow delays, but with Colorado’s sunny days, you can limit the interruption to a minimum. Another thing is securing all the necessary permits you need before you can use your deck in the summer. When building a deck in winter, you can enjoy a long list of things. Don’t listen to anyone when they say the cold months are not ideal for building and improving your outdoor space.

Infographic Source: https://sridecks.com/why-winter-is-the-right-time-to-start-building-your-deck/


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