How to Establish an R&D Center in Ukraine

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To reduce development costs and at the same time achieve a competitive edge in the market thanks to innovative tech solutions and business ideas, many companies make a decision to establish Research and Development centers (R&D labs). In such a way, they get access to a large pool of IT specialists who produce brilliant innovative tech ideas that can move the project closer to success.

One of the countries that are known for its dedicated engineers and very cost-effective development rates is Ukraine. Not only can it offer nearly 200,000 skilled and fully dedicated software engineers but also it is one of the top 10 emerging IT markets in the world with business-friendly policies and tax incentives.

On the infographic, find out even more reasons that make Ukraine so attractive when it comes to opening an R&D here, check out world-known companies which already have their R&D centers in Ukraine, explore the step-by-step guide on how to set up an R&D lab, and more.

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