Ultimate Pearl Harbor Guide (Infographic)

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One of the most iconic, historic, and visited sites in all of Hawaii is the Pearl Harbor — widely known throughout history as the unfortunate bombing site that killed thousands of American soldiers along with almost a hundred civilians, injured more than a thousand, and destroyed many of the American military vessels situated in the naval base. This precipitated the entrance of the United States — who at first did not strongly interfere with the ongoing World War as long as their territories were not trifled with — into World War II as part of the Allied Forces that combated the Axis Powers (Japan, Italy, and Germany).

Today, the naval base serves as both a stronghold of the United States for its military and a memorial for the thousands of lives lost in the pursuit of democracy and peace. Over 1.8 million travelers from all over the world visit the Pearl Harbor every year, either choosing to explore and immerse on their own or learn everything they can from a pre-booked tour. Need brushing up on your Pearl Harbor history before you explore the historic place or just looking to learn more about the most recommended places to explore there? Here is the Ultimate Pearl Harbor Guide for you, courtesy of Go Hawaii Tours!

Infographic Source: https://gohawaiitours.com/go-hawaii/ultimate-pearl-harbor-guide-infographic/


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