10 Valentine’s Flowers and their Romantic Meanings

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Sending Valentine’s Day flowers is a tried and tested tradition. But, if you’re looking to honor this long-standing custom, you need to know that giving flowers is more than choosing the most expensive or most colorful in the bunch. In fact, a bloom has a certain meaning that may say more than you think. Each bloom has a significant meaning associated with it. These connotations date back to the Victorian time wherein people used to send flower arrangements to win someone’s affection. It was during this time when a flower dictionary became widespread and has been telling people the differences between each kind of flowers and their colors. Since then it has been guiding the romantics to what flowers will convey their feelings best. Fortunately, you need not search far and wide for the best Valentine’s flowers for your feelings. In this infographic, Flower Patch, an online flower shop in Pasig, has already done the search for you. VI. Sending Valentine’s Day flower is a timeless tradition every romantic observe. For this year, if you’re looking to honor this tried and tested custom, you should know that each bloom has a certain meaning tied to it.

Infographic Source: http://www.flowerpatchdelivery.com/2018/02/08/10-valentines-flowers-romantic-meanings/


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