15 Best Social Media Listening Tools You Can Use in 2017

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At present, social media marketing is not just confined to posting and sharing content out there. The key in utilizing the most of social media platforms is listening to what your audience has to say about your brand, your product/service, your competitors, and the industry in general. There are a variety of tools which helps marketers to gather information of their choice from the social media channels. They can assist marketers in creating effective online marketing strategies.

Once you have the information you can conduct the analysis, and finally, reach social business intelligence. Using all these insights, you can know your customers better and improve your marketing strategy considerably. Here are 15 best social media monitoring tools that can be used for your digital marketing campaigns in 2017.

Infographic Source: http://www.jointviews.com/blog/best-social-media-monitoring-tools-2017/


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