Amazon Seller Fees 2019 Infographic

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There is one thing that you can count on with Amazon, the fees will change every year! But interestingly they do not always go up. Sometimes Amazon finds ways to save money and encourage more sales volume at the same time by reducing fees. For example, the minimum referral fee is dropping across the board on most categories to an eye popping $.30! Most were $1.00 or $2.00. That is a nice change for sellers.

The average referral fee is still around 15% with a minimum of 6% and a max of 45%. There are still no fulfilment fees for Fulfilled by Merchant; however you are responsible for Shipping, Handling, Storage and Customer Service. While fulfillment fees for Fulfilled by Amazon can range from just over $2 to as high as $137 in some rare cases. When in doubt use an Amazon Fee Calculator to make sure you understand the best way to price your products.

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