The Floral Industry in the World According To Statistics (Infographic)

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You probably know that the rose is the most popular flower across countries and cultures. But, did you know that Christmas and Hannukah is the most common occasion that flowers are being bought for? Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day only come next to the Yuletide Season.

It’s during these occasions when Australia delivery service providers are at their busiest! But, there are a wide variety of occasions when flowers are purchased. It can be for daily home decorations, special events or ceremonies including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other joyous (or even sorrowful events such as funerals).

Flowers help communicate emotions such as love or even uplift people’s moods when they’re down. That’s maybe why 63% of all flowers purchased are bought for oneself while only 37% are purchased as gifts for other people. It’s no wonder that the global floral industry is estimated at $105 billion. Check out this infographic that collates statistics about the flower industry all over the world!

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